August 2010 to now...

In an effort to inform you all what we have been doing I am going to give you a quick overview of the last nine months. After this point I am hopeful that my posts will be more frequent.

After the wedding (you can see some pics here) we had a quick but enjoyable Honeymoon in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Next it was home to pack and load up the truck to move cross country. Not the most enjoyable three days of my life but we made the best out of the trip!
We had a sun flower seed eating contest...I won!
Over the threshold!

Peter started school and I started to work part-time at a Gap in Center City. I was lucky enough to get promoted to a full-time management position in October 2010 at the second largest mall in America, King of Prussia. I am still commuting there and love the people I work with.

Peter is at Temple University's Beasley School of Law.
Whitney came out to visit us during her fall break. I was so happy to have her here, I really needed some family time.

Lindsey Lohan, Wanda and Waldo

Due to lack of finances we stayed in Philly for Thanksgiving. For Christmas we joined the Smyth's for a cruise to the Caribbean for a week,  then it was back to Utah for another week to see my family and our friends!
Grand Cayman

Brothers on the beach in Mexico

Peter, Chet, Liz and Aaron in Grand Cayman
Christmas Eve in Mexico!

I LOVED being around the babies!

I am not sure where the pics from Utah are :(

I turned 29 this! It was a great birthday so I can't complain. We went out with friends and Peter and I enjoyed ice cream at home together.
At Time

In lieu of a was perfect!

I went home for Easter and for the blessing of my newest baby niece, Mary. Mary was born in February to my older brother Craig and his wife Sara. I was so excited to finally go and meet this baby! 


Craig, Sara and Mary (asleep)

Mary and I

As a baby gift I made this quilt for Mary

 I also got to meet this baby for the first time. My friend Cassie had her baby right before I came to Utah, I am so glad I got to see her and her new little family!
Connor...he was so little!
And I saw my usual favorites...
Summer, Zoe and Autie JoJo
and Ellie! Lover her even though she was not having it!

Ellie balancing her shoe on her head.
And FINALLY, my younger brother Derek proposed to his girlfriend. Easter weekend was FULL of amazing moments!
Derek and Amber. Congratulations!!!

Memorial Day weekend Peter and I took the bus to NYC to meet up with Chet, Liz and Aaron. It was a packed weekend but it was great to be with our family. We saw two Broadway shows, ate at wonderful places, saw the sights and just enjoyed one another. I couldn't have asked for more!
By our hotel in Times Square

Peter and Chet

Flat Iorn building, not the best picture :(

Aaron, Liz and I
So here we are, up to date. This will be our first full summer here in Philly and we are very excited to see what this city has to offer!

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  1. Hooray! I'm so glad to see you've started blogging again! I'm loving this recap of your adventures (I didn't even recognize Whitney in that Lindsey Lohan photo), and I'm excited to read more! (exclamation point!!)