Some guys in my life...

I have had many great examples of what a father is. Yesterday I spent time looking past the usual examples and realized that I have so many great men in my life.

My Dad...Denny! I almost cannot find words to describe my father, there are so many facets to him. Because he is human he posses both strengths and weaknesses, and if you were to ask him I am sure he would more than likely think of things that he wishes he would have done differently. But, if you ask me I think he did a wonderful job with being a husband and father. I was not always the easiest of his four children and there were times that I was angry or in disagreement with what he thought was best for me. Now that I am older and I have had time to reflect I can honestly say that he did his best always.

My dad is an incredibly hard worker and has sacrificed so many things in order give my siblings and I a life he never had. Again, it is my age that has finally put into perspective all the sacrifices that it takes to be a parent. I would just like my dad to know that I am more and more grateful for him each and every day. I am so excited to see him take on the role of grandfather and I can't wait for my own children to have time with their PoPo Denny! Dad I love you so very much!!!

Chet! Again, I am almost at a loss of what to say. I first of all need to thank him for being such a dedicated father and setting such a wonderful example for Peter. I am married to the most wonderful man and I truly believe that is a reflection of his father! Chet is one of the most giving and compassionate people I have ever met. I can't say enough about how grateful I am to have married into the family I did and Chet is in a large part responsible for the wonderful family he has.

Chet and Peter

Craig. Although my brother Craig is a new father I have no doubt that he will be amazing at it! Craig always mentioned his strong desire for boys but I find it most fitting that his first child is a girl. When Sara came into Craig's life I saw him change in so many ways and I see more changes now that he has a daughter. I think he needs girls in his life...they push him to do amazing things.

My relationship with Craig is a delicate one, we have had many ups and downs together and I am largely responsible for those. We are in a good place now and it couldn't have come at a better time. I want to let Craig know that despite the circumstances he is in fact an incredible example in the lives of so many and most of all his daughter, Mary. She is too young to know of the sacrifices that her father has made in hopes of providing for his family. Craig, please take this precious time and enjoy every moment with your child; once you start working you will ache for the days you have now.

I wish Mary was awake :(

Adam. My brother-in-law is another amazing example of fatherhood. The thing that impresses me the most about Adam is the sense of humor he has with parenting. Adam also takes after Chet in his ability and willingness to be so giving and compassionate. Working five days a week and having religious callings take a good chunk of his time but he always makes more time to play with the kids. I know that having Adam as an example will only contribute to Peter's ability to be a great father!

And of course Peter.

I love this man so so SO very much! I am at times amazed that I ever found him and that he stuck around to be with me always. We are not parents yet but I know with out a doubt that when time comes Peter will be an AMAZING father! He is kind, patient, hard working, and committed to providing for me and our family. Peter is a wonderful husband and because of that I know he will surpass my expectations of being a father. I can't wait to start that adventure with him but for the time being I am very much enjoying our time alone :) I love you!!!

Getting ready to body slam Gunner.


  1. You said the sweetest things! P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last pic of you and Pete.

  2. you have some great men in your life for sure!! that hubby of yours is a saint ;) love and miss you!